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Ranges Mask [Rng]


Similar to Bitmap Mask, the Range Mask allows images from the flow to act as masks for tools and effects. Instead of creating a simple luminance-based mask from a given channel, Range allows spline-based selection of low, mid and high ranges, akin to Color Corrector.


Many of the controls found in this mask tool are common to all mask tools. These controls are documented at Common Mask Controls.

Controls Tab


These buttons are used to select which range will be output by the tool as a mask. White pixels represent pixels that are considered to be part of the range and black pixels are not included in the range. For example, choosing Shadows would show pixels considered to be shadows as white and pixels that are not shadows as black. Mid grey pixels are only partly in the range and will not receive the full effect of any color adjustments to that range.


The Channel selection buttons shown in this tab can be used to extract a mask from the range of a specific color channel. By default, Fusion uses the luminance channel when the color ranges are examined.

Spline Display

The extent of the ranges is selected by manipulating the spline handles. There are four spline points, each with one Bezier handle. The two handles at the top represent the start of the shadow and highlight ranges, whereas the two at the bottom represent the end of the range. The Bezier handles are used to control the falloff.

The midtones range has no specific controls since its range is understood to be the space between the shadow and the highlight ranges. In other words, after low and high masks have been applied, midtones is everything else.

The X and Y text controls below the Spline Display can be used to enter precise positions for the selected Bezier point or handle.


This sets the splines to two commonly-used configurations. Simple gives a straightforward linear-weighted selection, while Smooth uses a more natural falloff.

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Tips for Ranges (edit)

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